May 17, 2016

Song of the Hero

In hedgerows sprinkled brightly
With brilliant petals, centered
Afront, adjusted rightly
  By volunteers with care,
Distinguished sight prevailing
From first through archways entered,
It looms forever hailing
  The court and city fair.

There, raised upon an altar,
In marble, golden-furnished,
Stands one too strong to falter,
  Too great to know defeat.
Upon a stone foundation,
By palms devoted burnished,
This Hero holds their station
  As ultimate elite.

Engraved in letters royal
On plaque with flowered borders,
Reads, "Friend and subject loyal
  To people and their land,
Your deeds be not forgotten,
For serving their recorders
Live all our joys begotten
  By sole your mighty hand."

They pass it, calmly smiling
To each in honored presence,
Beneath it merry filing,
  Protected near its place.
Through laughter's comfort filling
Resounds the lot in pleasance,
Secure and passive milling,
  Revering figure's grace.

This hero used their power,
From source unknown or wondered,
For threatening to cower
  Those nightmares of the dark.
Defending still, it gazes
On ramparts never sundered.
Their spirits high it raises,
  Eternal in their park.

No other could have beaten
Such evil grim and forceful.
Success served lives to sweeten
  Of citizens content,
Relieved for stark their weakness,
And lacking mind resourceful,
For in their utter meekness,
  Instead, the hero went.

Yet, one remained desiring
That strength in hero's liking,
Their spectating grown tiring,
  And wanted they to fight.
As fellows just as brittle,
Their arms were useless striking,
Of muscle had they little,
  Their worth in combat slight.

But still, they wished to battle;
Though wanting in endurance,
They sought their steel to rattle
  Against a daemon's skin,
They dreamt of stalwart warding
From shadow's hated currents,
Of energy's affording
  To safeguard all their kin.

They dwell by no enshrining,
No stone embosses features,
No gold their armor lining
  Or plaque to praise impart,
For they, who failed unable
To best attacking creatures,
Earned not a hero's label,

  However true their heart.

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