May 17, 2016

Song of Acceptance

As a precious, priceless gift they name
The agent of their sense,
A significant reward they claim
Their vessel of experience,
To defend and keep with utmost care
And fear of some beyond,
A unique connection they declare
Can with creation's secrets bond,
An important blessing given us
By some uncertain source,
And from substance it has given thus
May follow we a wholesome course,
Our own conduit of cognizance
Through which we may explore,
To bear providence for sustenance
And live in joy forevermore,
But I bid you, take a moment's time
To rationale regard,
And consider in this simple rhyme
How this philosophy seems scarred
By a jagged, obvious mistake,
A fault of mortal eyes,
A contrived excuse for comfort's sake
Proposed to somber truth disguise;
In a body of such flimsy form
So easily destroyed,
How may find one strength to weather storm
Of life and dangers harsh employed?
If so great is this we know and feel,
So worthy of respect,
Then how death may effortlessly steal
It from us dares my intellect;
By the hand of Nature, God or Man
In multitude of ways
May we be dispatched much sooner than
Belief of life's avail conveys;
If so utterly in faintest plight
Amount our lives to naught,
Then perhaps they do not matter quite
As much as we may once had thought.

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